Tire Alignment Services, San Diego, CA

Is Your Semi-Truck Safe to Drive?

Make a tire alignment appointment at our tire shop in San Diego, California.

Tires and wheels can become misaligned due to things like potholes, vehicle accidents and running over curbs. Luckily, Otay Master Truck Center specializes in tire alignment services in San Diego, California. Keeping your tires aligned can prevent wear and tear on your tires and keep your vehicle from pulling to the side. We use a three-axle alignment computer program to make sure we align your tires perfectly.

If your vehicle isn't driving straight or your tires are beginning to show signs of wear, it's time for a tire alignment. Our technicians will make sure your tires are properly aligned so you can enjoy a smooth, straight ride and stay safe on the road.

Get in touch with us today to arrange for computer axle alignment services. We can keep your entire commercial fleet aligned.

Make your semi-truck handle like a sports car

Otay Master Truck Center does suspension and computer axle alignment work in San Diego, California. During your suspension maintenance appointment, our mechanics will:

  • Tighten and grease all major suspension components
  • Adjust leaf spring bushings
  • Check the kingpins and wheel bearings
  • Replace differential housing, if needed
  • Weld minor damage

You can trust us to check for minor suspension issues so they don't turn into major problems down the road. We'll keep your suspension and tires working flawlessly so you can rest assured that your semi-truck or commercial fleet vehicles are safe to drive. Reach out to us today to schedule a suspension and tire alignment for your truck in San Diego, CA.